Kate the Farrier

Kate's costumes are pretty standard consisting of a long leather tabard or jumper and a long sleeved "underdress," which actually has wide pants instead of a skirt. Her long sleeves are laced below the elbow and at least her brown dress is laced up the back.

Farrier Costume


Her blacksmithing costume is slightly different from the others. The apron has a jewel neck and an extra flap that ties in front. The lower part wraps around her legs like pants. The back is open, revealing the laces down the underdress.

Green Jumper


Kate's green tabard is worn over both her basic brown underdress and a white underdress. It has a v-neck with a wide rolled collar which is lined with a patterned material. A center front seam, center back seam, and bust darts help to shape it. It laces down the sides. Both underdresses have lace-up sleeves and may be pants instead of a skirt, and the white dress has added green leather patches for the laces.

Brown Jumper


At first I thought this was the same as her blacksmithing costume, but the jumper has the same v-neck with wide collar as her green jumper. It's the same shape, just brown.