Welcome to My Costuming and Research Site

The site doesn't get updated much anymore because most of the movies it covers are pretty old. There's not much new information. On top of that, the amount of time I have to spend searching for more information or images is limited. But know that this site is still looked after, even if the updates aren't always apparent.

Contacting Me

You can email me at dianne_the_geek at yahoo.com(make it look like a real email address)

Please note that I do not sell, rent, or lend costumes. Nor do I have any expertise about the costuming world. I'm just a girl with a website who happens to love costumes. I've indicated where I'm quoting an expert or an interview and all other information on the site should be considered my opinion.

The Design and Content of this Website

The base design of this website was created by Smallpark Studios and came to me through the great folks over at Open Source Web Design. It was built up from there using CoffeeCup's free HTML editor.

All movie images on this site are property of their original owners. I hold absolutely no claim over any of them and they are, hopefully, covered by the fair use clause of copyright law. The images on this site have come from a variety of sources and I regret that in many cases I've lost the original links. Images of myself or my costumes as well as all content written by myself are protected by intellectual property laws. Please do not use them without my consent. Studio images and interviews/quotes from desingers are, of course, fair game.