Cap'n Crunch Costume


I threw this together in about three weeks for a Halloween party. The hat is ten layers of fun foam glued together. I glued them together in stacks of five, cut out the two sides of the hat, and then glued the two sides around the edges. It never worked quite like I wanted, but it wasn't bad. I glued some fake beard to it for my eyebrows.

Everything that I needed for the coat I bought at Hancock Fabrics. The base of the coat is a gorgeous wool coating I found for 40% off. I used McCall's 5525 for my pattern. I think that I used view A, but added the collar from views CDE, modifying it to double the collar in height. The braid is applied mostly with fabric glue. The epaulets on the shoulders are two layers of fun foam with fringe glued around the outside. They were also glued onto the coat.