Lucilla's Final Dress

Promotional Pictures



One sleeve underdress of gold crinkled material, probably silk. Looks to be cut on the bias. Hem of the dress is not straight, but at a 45-degree angle to the ground, hanging high on one side and training several inches on the other. I don't see a seam to connect the sleeve, but it would be hidden under the wrap if there is one. The end of the sleeve is turned back a few inches.

It's topped with a corset of crinkled and embroidered material. The corset closes with a busk in the front and it comes to a point there. It is cut straight across the back with no back center seam. Boning channels are on the front sides and the back sides. There is a piece of ribbon or different fabric on the corset just under her bust on the front panels to control the waist.

On the left shoulder a wrap is attached by a pin. The wrap is 60 inch wide sheer fabric heavily embroidered with flowers and vines and edged with a scalloped trim.