Jocelyn's Cathedral Dress

Promotional Pictures



Underdress is a floor length gold/green sleeveless v-neck dress. Overcoat is an ombre dyed silk v-neck jacket reaching below the knees. It is gold on top with pink/purple starting just below the bust and at the elbows, turning to sky blue at the bottom. There are several inches of purple where the pink and the blue overlap. Her left sleeve is dyed with the blue at the elbow and the pink at the bottom. The front, back and side seams are all left open past the waist. 4 pintucks on either side stretch from the bust just below the waist. The sleeves are set in and also hang to just below the knees. They are open from the wrists down. I can't quite track down the number of seams on the sleeve. In some images I see one on the outisde of the lower sleeve, in some on the front of the full sleeve. Yet, when the wind blows her sleeves in front of her, I don't see a seam anywhere on the inside of the sleeve. The jacket closes in front with 5 or 6 fastenings.

My Jocelyn costume