Lucilla's Rome Dress

Promotional Pictures



A white silk v-neck underdress wrapped with a grey-blue sash which appears to have been hand-dyed. You can see how I think the sash is tied HERE. The underdress is almost certainly constructed like the blue dress seen later. It has a scalloped trim along the neck and sleeves. The elbow length sleeves are unconnected at the top and held with silver clasps. Two layers of orange-gold wraps. The main wrap looks different in every light. It is decorated with gold paisleys and embroidered with gold dots. It has a scalloped piece of gold trim around it. The darker wrap is attatched at the shoulder to a D-ring and drapes over the left arm along with the main wrap. It is decorated with a piece of red fringe trim along the right edge and a gold and black trim all the way around. Orange chiffon with a repeating design of three gold circles sits over her head attached to a gold laurel diadem by gold clips of some sort. There are at least two laurel diadems as they were on display together at FIDM.

This dress was on display at FIDM in 2001. Note that this seems to have been displayed without the sash, without the darker wrap, and with a different necklace and earrings. And are we seeing a waist seam on the white dress?

My Lucilla costume