Gladiator Costumes

The costumes for Gladiator were designed by Janty Yates.
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Fur Cloak

Party Frock


Hail Caesar


Black Dress

Blue & Silver


Rich Matron

Red Dress

White Dress

Green Dress

Gold Dress

Final Dress




Some details about Lucilla's costumes from Gladiator: The Making of the Ridley Scott Epic:

The costumes of the emperor's family were naturally the most elaborate. Connie Nielsen's gowns were multi-layered in luxurious fabrics like silks, satins, organzas and chiffons. The line of her dresses was achieved by wrapping a simple shift in bindings of contrasting color and texture. Over each dress, Nielsen also wore a stole draped around her arms, while another length of rich fabric formed a hooded cape. Gold thread was woven into the fabrics to give them a shimmer, and almost every garment was also hand-embroidered with gold thread, as well as semi-precious jewels. Nielsen's winter cape was made of cashmere, lined with silk and trimmed with faux fur.

All of the footwear was handmade in Rome, including the decorative sandals of Commodus and Lucilla, which were also hand-embroidered. The intricate desings of the royal jewelry were faithful to the fashion of the time. They were all handcrafted by England's noted jeweler Martin Adams, with the exception of one piece, which Nielsen herself contibuted.

"In an antique store, I found a 2,000-year old signet ring," Nielsen relates. "Wearing it made me feel more connected to the part. It was incredible to think that the ring was once worn by someone who actually lived in the time we were recreating."

The July 2000 Movieline had a short article which says: All roads led to Rome in AD 180, and in our era of the "global village" all roads lead to the major fashion centers of the West. That is no doubt why Lucilla's hand-pleated satin dresses, cashmere-and-fur cape, and bold jewelry all seem vaguely modern in their appeal...

You can see how I think Lucilla's sash (worn with her blue, Rome, and gold costumes) is tied here: Lucilla's sash.